Saturday, December 1, 2007

Immobilizer Amendment Issued By Transport Canada: Rules Relaxed In Favour Of Importers

We are pleased to report that an amendment announced by Transport Canada will allow vehicles equipped with a factory installed immobilizer to be imported into Canada.

Here is a paragraph from the amendment statement:

This proposed amendment clarifies that vehicles sold at the retail level in the United States, that are equipped at the time of manufacture with an electronic immobilization system, may be imported into Canada, and that those vehicles that do not have an electronic immobilization system may be imported if the vehicle can be safely fitted with an immobilization system that conforms to the National Standard of Canada...

For the full policy, please see


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Please see this letter written by Mr. Carl Paquin and posted on Cars Without Borders.

We applaud Mr. Paquin for calling attention to the shameless manipulation of VAFUS (the vehicle admissibility listing) by the auto manufacturers. We further applaud him for his constructive feedback and well articulated suggestions for Mr. Tremblay's office to consider.

Mr. Panquin is working on this situation so that it doesn't degrade or escalate further; and more than that, he is calling on Transport Canada to refuse to submit - or appear to submit - to the whims of the OEMs.

It is folks like him who keep the discussions alive and at the forefront, and who will ultimately play a role in all importers being treated fairly in the future.