Friday, December 28, 2007

BMW Imposing Fines on US Dealerships

Just when we had thought that we'd heard it all, a subscriber informed us today that "BMW dealers in the US are being charged $2,600 for each new car they sell that is exported unless it is registered, taxed, and titled in the US first."

And while BMW is penalizing its US dealerships, apparently "pre-owned cars to not attract the same fines as new ones."

So if you've been wondering what prompted the sudden change of heart at the BMW dealership in the US, wonder no more. BMW is playing hardball and the dealerships are fearful of suffering the wrath and having their profitability eroded.

The bigger question remains; who is going to buy the expected influx of pre-owned inventory on the US car lots? You guessed it...the Canadian BMW dealerships who will be glad to sell it to you at inflated prices.

If this policy upsets you, get the word out by contacting the media. If you are caught in the BMW obstacle course, don't suffer in silence; spread the word about these practices. Your stance today will project others in the future, or at least knock a little sense into the manufacturers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Transport Canada News Release Regarding Anti-Theft Device

Transport Canada's long-awaited amendment was announced today.

The amendment, which relates to the Immobilizer or Anti-Theft Device situation that has trapped a number of importers with vehicles that were overnight considered inadmissible to Canada, will now "allow Transport Canada to immediately begin clearing the backlog of cases involving Canadians who recently purchased certain new U.S. models."

To read the news release visit

This amendment appears to be a victory for Canadians, but we await the final adoption on December 26th, which will be published in the Canada Gazette.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Importing A Ford From The US Into Canada: Recall Clearance Information Available Online

***NOTE*** As of August 3, 2010, this information is not valid. Refer to for details.


If you are importing a Ford vehicle from the US into Canada you can obtain Recall Clearance information directly from the Ford website.

1. Go to: and type in the words "What is a recall."

2. A new page will open up and ask you to input your VIN.

3. The page will refresh to show you if there are any recalls outstanding on your proposed import.

You can also ask the dealership to print off a Ford OASIS report for your vehicle to show if any recalls are outstanding.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hyundai Imports From The US: No Warranty Coverage

Dear Readers:

On December 3, 2007, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. issued a statement that it will not honour warranty coverage on any imported Hyundai vehicles. Of course, we all know this is another attempt by the manufacturer to thwart your purchasing power because they won't reduce prices in Canada.

Quote from the statement:

Customer Handling Procedures

When a customer requests warranty repairs for an Imported Vehicle, they should be advised as follows:

1. The Imported Vehicle has no warranty coverage in Canada, as it was not sold or distributed by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

2. The dealership is able and willing to perform repairs, but the customer will have to pay for these repairs.

3. The customer can return the vehicle to an authorized HMA dealer in the U.S. for warranty repairs.

Our thanks to a UCanImport Subscriber for sharing this information.

Please note that you can purchase 3rd party warranty coverage for your Hyundai imports. 3rd party warranties offer great flexibility and can be customized to meet your needs. Make sure that the price of the warranty purchase more than justifies the savings on your Hyundai import.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

30 Days Left To Import A New Subaru From The U.S: New Directive Aimed At Stopping Sales To Canadians

If Subaru of America, Inc. has its way, January 3, 2008 marks the date when a new directive to stop exports to Canada without express written consent comes into effect.

The reason they give to their US dealerships is that they should concentrate "on selling within their area of responsibility."

And while late model and pre-owned vehicles are also cheaper to purchase in the US, this edict flies in the face of NAFTA.

Here's what we suggest you do if you are in the market for a Subaru:

1. Purchase it within the next 30 days when you won't be subjected to surreptitious maneuvers such as using US post office box addresses or having a friend who is a US resident purchase the car for you;

2. Take a moment to sign the petition at to demand fair treatment for the Canadian importer;

3. Raise your concerns with your MLA, even if you are not a Subaru purchaser. Your stance today may protect your right to purchase the car of your dreams tomorrow.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Immobilizer Amendment Issued By Transport Canada: Rules Relaxed In Favour Of Importers

We are pleased to report that an amendment announced by Transport Canada will allow vehicles equipped with a factory installed immobilizer to be imported into Canada.

Here is a paragraph from the amendment statement:

This proposed amendment clarifies that vehicles sold at the retail level in the United States, that are equipped at the time of manufacture with an electronic immobilization system, may be imported into Canada, and that those vehicles that do not have an electronic immobilization system may be imported if the vehicle can be safely fitted with an immobilization system that conforms to the National Standard of Canada...

For the full policy, please see