Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Recall Clearance Approval Process At RIV Has Changed

Importers No Longer Able to Obtain A General Inquiry Number Without Form 1

UCanImport has learned that there has been a slight change to the recall clearance approval process at RIV.

Until now, we had recommended that our readers submit recall clearance documentation to RIV prior to importing their vehicle into Canada. By so doing, importers could receive confirmation that the recall clearance documentation was approved by RIV. Importers would receive a General Inquiry Number (GIN) under which their recall documentation would be accessible until the vehicle was eventually imported into Canada.

As of now, importers will have to submit recall clearance documentation along with Form 1 to RIV only AFTER the vehicle is in Canada, all the border fees have been paid, and they have received Form 1 from the CBSA. Then, using the sample cover letter provided in the importing guide, the importer will submit the recall clearance documentation and Form 1 to RIV, await approval and the ultimate release of Form 2 (Federal Inspection Form).

If you have any questions or concerns about this change in process, please contact us at