Friday, December 28, 2007

BMW Imposing Fines on US Dealerships

Just when we had thought that we'd heard it all, a subscriber informed us today that "BMW dealers in the US are being charged $2,600 for each new car they sell that is exported unless it is registered, taxed, and titled in the US first."

And while BMW is penalizing its US dealerships, apparently "pre-owned cars to not attract the same fines as new ones."

So if you've been wondering what prompted the sudden change of heart at the BMW dealership in the US, wonder no more. BMW is playing hardball and the dealerships are fearful of suffering the wrath and having their profitability eroded.

The bigger question remains; who is going to buy the expected influx of pre-owned inventory on the US car lots? You guessed it...the Canadian BMW dealerships who will be glad to sell it to you at inflated prices.

If this policy upsets you, get the word out by contacting the media. If you are caught in the BMW obstacle course, don't suffer in silence; spread the word about these practices. Your stance today will project others in the future, or at least knock a little sense into the manufacturers.

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Anonymous said...

I've felt this way for quite some time now and have come to realize that the only way Canadian consumers will truly be heard is to stop buying autos on either side of the border. We may not get much notice from the US side but the Canadian dealers will surely notice the drop in business.

They're pissing us off and the last thing we should do is buckle and go buy something from them because the obstacles they've put in front of us are so high and we don't want to fight anymore.

So I'm just not going to buy...........anywhere.