Thursday, January 27, 2011

Volkwagen Warranty Policy Update

Warranty Coverage Honoured in US Only

Posted by Anonymous:


Thank you for contacting the Volkswagen of America Information Center.
We are pleased to see your interest in purchasing the environmentally
friendly Touareg Hybrid!

If you purchase a US-specific Volkswagen vehicle and register it in
Canada, warranty coverage will not be available if you have the vehicle
serviced or maintained at a VW dealership in Canada. All warranty
concerns, as well as maintenance coverage under the Carefree Maintenance
Program, must be addressed and performed at an authorized Volkswagen
dealership in the US.

We have no resources to verify if diagnoses or services can be performed
on the Touareg Hybrid model at Volkswagen dealers in Canada. We
encourage you to contact the Volkswagen Canada website at for additional assistance on this matter.

Thank you again for visiting We hope to find you behind the
steering wheel of a Touareg Hybrid in the near future!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

BMW Under Scrutiny in Europe

On October 26, 2010, Bloomberg Businessweek reported that Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, the world’s largest luxury-car maker, is being investigated by Swiss antitrust authorities for allegedly preventing vehicle sales in some European countries to Swiss residents.

For UCanImport readers who have been following the class-action lawsuit currently underway in Canada, this likely comes as no surprise.

To read more:

To follow the Canadian lawsuit:

If you wish to import a BMW vehicle from the US into Canada, while maintaining the warranty, be advised that BMW Canada imposes a number of punitive costs for instrument cluster modification and heater module conversions, plus a fee to receive recall clearance. To learn more, search "BMW" on the upper-left hand search box and click on the magnifying class.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Volkwagen Warranty Policy Update

Warranty May Not Be Transferred For 2009 and Newer Vehicles

Further to our posting from March 29, 2010 where we learned the VW is denying warranty coverage on newer models, we have received this letter via a UCanImport reader.

"Thank you for contacting Volkswagen. We appreciate your interest in the
warranty coverage of Volkswagen vehicles.

For US-marketed Volkswagen vehicles 2008 model year and earlier, all

applicable warranty coverage is transferred when the vehicle is
registered in Canada. For 2009-2011 US-marketed VW vehicles, there is
no warranty coverage when registered in Canada. If you need additional
assistance with warranty concerns, please contact the Customer CARE
Center at 1-800-822-8987 and an advocate will be able to help.

Thank you again for visiting We look forward to finding you

behind the steering wheel of a new Volkswagen car in the near future!"

Please note that there are many third-party warranty providers to choose from, but there are also many other manufacturers who may be more honourable to deal with.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ford Sells Volvo Unit to Chinese Company

China's largest acquisition of a foreign car maker closed yesterday with Ford selling its Volvo unit to Geely for US$1.3 billion in cash and a $200-million note.

This means that Ford is no longer providing recall information on its website and details of any outstanding recalls must be obtained through a Volvo dealership in Canada.

Note, that there will likely be a steep fee for this letter as Volvo dealerships in Canada state that certain "Volvo" modifications are required. Modifications have been known to cost close to $3,000 and include instrument cluster changes and other inspections.

Please note that these modifications are not a Transport Canada requirement but a Volvo-mandated requirement.

Read more: Ford, Geely complete deal for Volvo; Volvo now parked in China

Monday, July 26, 2010


If you are traveling through the ST-ARMAND/PHILIPSBURG border crossing in Quebec, you will have to submit your US Vehicle Export documentation in original format to the HIGHGATE SPRINGS, VERMONT border, which is the opposite port of entry to cross back to ST-ARMAND/PHILIPSBURG.

1. Drop off the original and a photocopy of the vehicle Title certificate, the Bill of Sale, and the Vehicle Export Worksheet to the main lobby at Highgate Springs where an officer will stamp your documentation.

2. Hours of vehicle export services are Monday-Friday 8 am to 4 pm. Your paperwork or your export will not be processed outside of these hours.

3. A minimum of 72 hours later (weekends and holidays DO NOT COUNT) you may cross the border with the vehicle you intend to export out of the US. Stop in again at the lobby and this time receive an export stamp from the officers.

4. Proceed to the ST-ARMAND/PHILIPSBURG CBSA office to complete the vehicle importation process for Canada, pay duty(if applicable) and taxes before heading home.

Important: Do not operate your newly purchased vehicle without insurance coverage. Purchase a temporary or full policy before you collect your vehicle. For more details on document requirements for vehicle importers visit Border Crossing Information at

Temporary Insurance Provider In US

US Insurance Provider offers Temporary Coverage for Vehicle Importers

Thanks to our UCanImport readers, we have learned that there is a major auto insurance company in the U.S. who deals with odd ball policies i.e. total 30 day coverage without regard to origin of driver’s license and other similar types of requirements often needed by vehicle importers. They are called Hallmark Insurance Group Inc and can be accessed on line or through certain insurance brokers in most states.

Most Canadian temporary insurance coverage ranges from 10-days (BC) to 2 weeks (Saskatchewan), and some Ontario companies don't like to issue temporary insurance unless the bill of sale is under 10-days or unless they've had you as a client for an extended period. However, Hallmark will offer a good 30-day policy for about US$189 and could potentially allow you to make a longer holiday of your car buying trip.

To contact Hallmark directly, use this form -

Please note that you must have some form of auto insurance before driving your newly-purchased vehicle back from the US and into Canada. Do not overlook this important step! Full importation details are provided within the UCanImport importing guide available at

We'd like to hear from you if you have had any experience with this company, so please blog your thoughts.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Minnesota Temporary Permit

How to Obtain a Minnesota 31-day Temporary Permit

If you purchase a vehicle in Minnesota you will need a temporary permit to drive it back to Canada. Minnesota has a variety of trip permits, but the one best suited to Canadian vehicle importers is the 31-Day Temporary, Non-resident

For more information visit Driver and Vehicle Services and click on Vehicle Services

Then click on Permits for details on the various types available.

Office locations can be found by choosing from the drop down list on this page Search for "Vehicles: Including Titles and Renewals" to find an office that will issue a trip permit.

For more information on how to complete a vehicle export from the United States, consult