Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Compliance Letter Required for Volvo Imports from the US

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Just an update on my 05 Volvo XC90 import. It appears that I've been in a very grey area of Volvo Canada and RIVs new rules on Volvo imports:( After being told by RIV for weeks that they have everything they require and it's simply a matter of getting through the backlog, I decide to call again and today was informed that..."we can't release the form 2 until we receive a 'letter of compliance' from Volvo Canada." I called Volvo Canada and they are in the process of informing their service departments to charge upwards of 2.5 hours on the vehicles for this Safety Inspection! I called a Volvo Dealer Service Department and the Assistant Manager was unaware of this process and felt it seemed "redundant" to him.

What is most upsetting is...I was informed by Volvo Canada prior to importing that nothing had changed for this car and now their story seems to have changed in mid stream.

BMW Motorcyle Imports from the US - BMW "Unhappy" With Rule Bending

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Well, things are not all good in the BMW motorcycle import world. The TC (Transport Canada) listing has changed for BMW motorcycles as of Jan15 to the same as that for cars.

After a first discussion in early January with a RIV service person, who told me that the requirements placed on me would be those listed on the web as of the time I purchased the motorcycle, I did not panic and felt comfortable waiting until spring to pick it up in Michigan and ride it home. However, in talking with RIV now, they are telling me BMW changed their rules back in Nov of 2007 regardless of what was on the website at any point in time and I would have to get both a letter of admissibility for BMW Canada and the Recall Clearance letter from BMW Canada. The recent person I talked to indicated that maybe RIV would let me slip around the rules as she knew of one case that had happened the week before, however in checking with her supervisor, she was advised that they would stick hard to the BMW rules as they had rec'd "unhappy" comments from BMW.

In talking directly with BMW, they have sent me a message that indicates that they are not requiring letters of admissibility for motorcycles and that the RIV/TC info indicating that is incorrect and would be corrected soon. They did confirm however that they are requiring recall clearance letters from BMW Canada Dealers at a cost of $500.

So I don't know exactly what the situation will be when I do bring it home. I do know it will be more hassle and more money that what was indicated on the website at the time of my purchase and than what I was told by the intital RIV service person.

Thought you might be interested in this bit of info.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Fuel Consumption Guide Available

On January 17th, the Honourable Minister Cannon released the 2008 Fuel Consumption Guide which lists the most fuel-efficient vehicles for 2008. According to the news release, consumers can compare the fuel consumption ratings and carbon dioxide emissions of passenger cars and light-duty trucks sold in Canada.

The guide informs consumers on buying, driving and maintaining their vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and is available online at http://www.ecoaction.gc.ca/vehicles.

The winners for 2008 are:

Two-seater: smart fortwo
Subcompact: MINI Cooper/Cooper Clubman/Toyota Yaris
Compact: Honda Civic Hybrid
Mid-size: Toyota Prius
Full-size: Honda Accord Sedan
Station wagon: Honda Fit


Pickup truck: Ford Ranger/Mazda B2300
Special purpose vehicle: Ford Escape Hybrid
Minivan: Mazda5
Large van: Chevrolet Express Cargo/GMC Savana Cargo

Monday, January 7, 2008

Determining Admissibility for Mercedes Benz Imports from the US

Dear Readers:

If you are considering importing a Mercedes Benz from the US, please review these links.



You will be able to understand the admissibility process, request a Letter of Admissibility and determine if the model you are looking at will be allowed into Canada.

Happy Importing!

Temporary Insurance Binder for Vehicle Importation from the US

Some of our readers have expressed frustration with the process of obtaining a temporary insurance binder in Ontario, prior to importing their vehicle from the US.

A subscriber from Ontario offers the following helpful hint to those readers who use RBC for their insurance needs.

"Just wanted to let you know I was able to obtain RBC full coverage after going into their main office with a copy of bill of sale and title, so they agreed to activate insurance on the car still in Texas."

If you have other helpful hints to pass on, please blog with us. You'll be helping out your fellow importers.