Monday, December 10, 2007

Hyundai Imports From The US: No Warranty Coverage

Dear Readers:

On December 3, 2007, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. issued a statement that it will not honour warranty coverage on any imported Hyundai vehicles. Of course, we all know this is another attempt by the manufacturer to thwart your purchasing power because they won't reduce prices in Canada.

Quote from the statement:

Customer Handling Procedures

When a customer requests warranty repairs for an Imported Vehicle, they should be advised as follows:

1. The Imported Vehicle has no warranty coverage in Canada, as it was not sold or distributed by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.

2. The dealership is able and willing to perform repairs, but the customer will have to pay for these repairs.

3. The customer can return the vehicle to an authorized HMA dealer in the U.S. for warranty repairs.

Our thanks to a UCanImport Subscriber for sharing this information.

Please note that you can purchase 3rd party warranty coverage for your Hyundai imports. 3rd party warranties offer great flexibility and can be customized to meet your needs. Make sure that the price of the warranty purchase more than justifies the savings on your Hyundai import.


Anonymous said...

Are not all these different tactics to prevent importation from the US in contravention of NAFTA?


Thanks for your posting. I think that these practices contravene NAFTA and restrain trade. And because we don't have the big lobbying power of the auto manufacturers, we have to find creative ways to navigate around their missives.

There are many warranty options available out there and we can certainly help you find the one best suited to your needs.

Wishing you good luck on your purchase.

Sam said...

I bought a Hyundai from a U.S. dealer in November, with the explicit assurance of Hyundai Consumer Affairs that the warranty would be covered (through reimbursement) in Canada. After submitting a minor claim, I was told that Hyundai has reneged on its promise. A sympathetic but powerless customer-service rep said, "It was only a gentleman's agreement, and Hyundai has chosen to back out of it."

Since Hyundai (so far) is not denying that the warranty coverage was in force when the car was purchased and imported, is a class-action suit, or some other legal measure, a possibility? I've spoken to other Hyundai owners with the same problem, and there seems to be considerable interest in joining such a suit.


sfuerderer said...

March 5, 2008 - I got the same message about the "gentlemans agreement" no longer in affect between US/Canada Hyundai. I was specifically told at time of purchase in US that warranty was norht america wide. I even got a call from Hyundai to confirm this. Any class action count me in!

memories4 said...

i also imported a 08 hyundai veracruz from the states in nov.07. I was told 3 times (before purchase)by hyundai america that i had warranty coverage. in dec. 07, made a small claim and was told by hyundai america that i have no warranty therefore cannot be reimbersed. talked to 2 different people there and 1 said it was effective in Sept. 07, and the other person said no warranty came into effect beginning of nov.07(before i purchased the vehicle). seems they do not have all their info straight???!!!?...i see i am not the only one who was misinformed...i will still keep trying to get some answers...