Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bumper Standards Harmonized!

Good news for vehicle importers.

Today, the Government of Canada announced the amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR) whereby Canadian bumper standards for passenger vehicles would be harmonized with similar safety standards from the US and Europe.

Canadian importers have been impatiently awaiting this new regulation since the proposed amendment was announced in March 2008.

"This amendment will therefore allow vehicles manufactured for the United States that were deemed inadmissible due to differing bumper requirements to become admissible since bumper modifications will no longer be required."

Read the full amendment:

Import an Acura from the US

If you plan to import an Acura vehicle from the US, use these tips to simplify the process:

1. For recall information, register on the Acura Ownerlink website at and create an account to access all kinds of information about your particular vehicle.

2. Print off the recall information (showing no recalls outstanding) and submit it to RIV with your Form 1, or in advance as per our suggestion in the importing guide, and you will receive the federal inspection form.

3. If there are recalls outstanding for your vehicle, have them completed (at no charge to you) and submit the work order to RIV with the recall campaign information.

4. RIV has access to recall information for Acura vehicles, but will not release the federal inspection form to you if there are any recalls outstanding. So, to save yourself the hassles, get this information pro actively by following our instructions.

Enjoy the savings on your imported Acura!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Obtain a California Trip Permit

If you are importing a vehicle from California, you will need to have a trip permit issued by the DMV for private transactions. To locate your nearest office check out this listing