Friday, June 5, 2009

Import A Salvage Vehicle Into Alberta

Process To License a Salvage/Rebuilt Vehicle in Alberta

If you are importing a vehicle from the US and the title indicates that the vehicle a salvage or reconstructed vehicle, please note the following for licensing in Alberta.

1. Prior to commencing your importation, please verify that the vehicle is admissible to Canada by checking at RIV or using this list;

2. Contact a salvage inspection shop using this Alberta Transportation map - ***PLEASE SELECT "SALVAGE" FOR INSPECTION TYPE PRIOR TO COMMENCING YOUR SEARCH.

3. Get 2 to 3 quotes for a salvage inspection; As these shops are privates businesses, prices may vary.

4. Take the vehicle for the customary Federal Inspection following the guidelines in the UCanImport guide, and then go for a salvage inspection. When you pass, you will receive a Salvage Inspection Certificate.

5. The Salvage Inspection Certificate is VALID FOR 14 DAYS only, so you must take the vehicle to a registry agent to have it registered and licensed within those 14 days.

6. You will then get your plates and your vehicle will be registered as "Salvage" in Alberta.