Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Volvo Recall Clearance Letters Require Only A Phonecall

For our subscribers who are considering importing a Volvo from the US, the process to obtain a Recall Clearance Letter is very simple.

Telephone Volvo Canada at 1-800-663-8255 and follow the voice prompts to speak to a Customer Service Representative. Provide them with the VIN, your name, address, and phone and fax numbers.

If there are no recalls outstanding on the vehicle you will receive a Recall Clearance Letter within a couple of hours. A hard copy will be sent to you by mail.


Anonymous said...

I just brought a volvo across (9/15/08) There was no recall letter required. If you go on Volvo.com you can check online. I just forwarded that info to RIV and that is all that was required.


Fantastic update.

We have visited the Volvo website and this appears to be the link where new owners can register their vehicles:


Once you've signed up on this site, you will be provided access to service information and recall clearance data.

Print off the recall clearance information for RIV and, as the posting above states, you will receive your Federal Inspection Form from RIV with proof of Form 1 and fee payment.

We appreciate these tips and advise and will post a full blog posting for our readers.

Thank you!

Luvmyvolvo said...

regarding the post, "Volco Recall Clearance Letters Require Only A Phonecall", I called the number provided and they said the car has to be inspected by a Volvo dealer in order to get the letter and to have the US car registered in Canada, and that means we are back to the issue of Volvo dealerships ripping off people for the cost of the inspection ($1800.00 +++). What exactly DO you need to register the car in Canada aside from the Form 1 and Canadian Tire inspection??? (and title/bill of sale)


The only other pieces of documentation required are:

1. Recall Clearance;
2. Form 2 which is issued by RIV once your vehicle is in the Canada and RIV is satisfied that there are no recalls outstanding.

If you need any importation management help, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@ucanimport.com