Thursday, October 25, 2007

Importing A Vehicle from USA to Canada Via Port Angeles, WA / Victoria, B.C. Border

If you are importing a vehicle from Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, B.C. you are able to do so 7 days a week. Please follow details presented in the following case study for a recent importation of a BMW 325 from the US into Canada.

Case Study:


Hours of Operation
Documentation Requirements
  • 72 hours in advance, fax Title (back and front) to US border office at 1-360-457-7514.*
  • Follow up with phone call to 1-360-457-1221 to confirm safe and orderly receipt.
  • Confirm name of officer and provide travel details in known.
* Vehicle Export Worksheet not required for this border

At Port Angeles Coho Terminal
  • Present yourself at the US border office (a trailer located around the chainlink fence on your right when you disembark from the Coho ferry).
  • Submit original Title to officers.
  • Board the Coho back to Victoria with your new vehicle (you can arrange for the transport company to deliver the vehicle close to the terminal building).
At Victoria Terminal
  • Present yourself to the CBSA officers and pay Duty (if applicable), GST, and RIV fee.
Officers at both terminals are very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.


paul.klein said...

fantastic! I am picking up a car in Port Townsend and was wondering how to get it back on a weekend! Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

fantastic! I was wondering how to get the car back on a weekend...Sumas will not process outside of normal business hours. Thanks!

ed said...

If purchasing your BMW from a BMW dealership, you do not need to spend $500 on a Recall Clearance Letter issued by BMW North America. Just ask the dealership to print off an Internal Dealer Printout showing "no open campaigns" - manufacturer lingo for no recalls outstanding - and fax that to RIV as it is an acceptable alternative to a Recall Clearance Letter.

In regards to the above. I have heard contradicting information. I just called BMW USA and they told me that I require the "Letter of Recall" from a Canadian Dealer, and they will perform a check on the car to see if it complies to Canada.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


A recent UCanImport importer used an internal dealer printout and it was accepted. I think BMW will tell you that they should be the ones to issue the Recall Clearance Letter, but frankly, all you want is for RIV to send you your Form 2 once they confirm that there are no recalls outstanding on your import. Please review the case studies at for more information. Thank you

ed said...

Your information is invaluable. Well worth the $9.99!

Anonymous said...

I just imported a vehicle this weekend through Pt. Angeles and this website was a great resource for information. I used the border contacts and things went flawlessly! Thanks!