Thursday, November 29, 2007

Importing A Car Through The Blaine Border Crossing: New Information For Importers

Submitted by a UCanImport Subscriber


Note the following changes:

1. You can no longer pay the RIV fee at the border at Blaine.

2. They [CBSA] charge(s) you GST, and in my case duty, at the time of of import so you pay the current exchange rate. They would not take into consideration the actual amount I had paid for the car even though I had my exchange receipt and wire transfer documents. The exchange rate was down a $0.07 from when I exchanged my money. (UCanImport says, this is a new policy for the border, and it may not be relevant for every crossing. Please try to use your foreign exchange receipt if the rate is better. Maybe CBSA will accept it at other border crossings).

3. The fax on the American side is not a reliable way to get your documents to that office. The officer told me the fax machine "goes all night and day". Better to drop the copies off on in person, if possible. (UCanImport suggests scanning the documents and sending them by e-mail to as an alternate option.)

4. You can send in your [Recall] Clearance letters and documents [to RIV] in advance of receiving your "form one" so the car will pre-cleared when you do pay your fee and fax in the title and form one. (UCanImport says, Great tip! If your importation requires a Letter of Admissibility, send that in advance together with the Recall Clearance Letter and any other documents that you have obtained, such as Title and/or Bill of Sale.)

5. They [RIV] want the title faxed in with the form one now. (UCanImport says, this is a new requirement, so please add the Title to the list of documents to be submitted with Form 1).


UCanImport is grateful for these submissions and thanks all Subscribers for their valuable input.

Visit our Resources Section for a listing of Border Crossings and document requirements.


SB said...

Quick question - Regarding #4 above, how do I send the forms in before knowing the "case number" found on the top of the Form 1?

I'm just trying to figure out how the RIV knows my submitted documents belong to my Form 1/case, before knowing the case number, which is found on the Form 1.



Please submit the documents with a cover letter that clearly shows the VIN number of your imported vehicle. The VIN and your name will appear on the supporting documentation as well, such as the Letter of Admissibility, and Recall Clearance Letter. RIV can search your file using both your VIN number and your Case Number from your Form 1.

In all cases, please confirm with RIV that they have received any pre-submitted documentation in good order.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the exchange rate dilemma (IE: the paying of applicable duties and taxes on a higher Duty Paid Value)...

With the dollar now trading lower against its US counterpart, this is not so much an issue now as it was back in November, but will inevitably become one again...

Simply have the Bill of Sale show that you paid the Seller in CANADIAN FUNDS [CAD].

Don't cheat! Use the exact amount you paid to purchase your US quid.

When the dollar again begins its climb, it is not inconceivable to suggest that a US Seller would prefer your Canadian currency anyhow.