Saturday, September 8, 2007

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Since our "Grand Opening" in August 2007, we've had a wonderful response to our web site ( as well as our downloadable guide, Importing Cars from the U.S. into Canada.

To provide another forum for additional and up-to-date knowledge that we've either received from our readers or gathered through our research, we decided to set up this blog. Please note that we are "newbies" to blogging, so please bear with us as we figure out this new and wonderful medium for communicating...

What information do we plan to share on this blog? Well, pretty much anything that has to do with importing cars into Canada from the USA. From the importing experiences and insights we've received from our readers and clients, to newly released information from the Canadian and US governments, car manufacturers, insurance agents... whatever information may be of value to other Canadians that may be looking to import their next car as well.

Anyway, we encourage all of you to use this blog to send us your questions (which we will do our best to answer in a timely fashion) or share your experience with other Canadians. Our aim is to make this blog a valuable resource for anyone looking to save money by importing their next car from the United States...


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Anonymous said...

Very helpful website. Can you have answer for questions:
- Can a person import more than one car from USA?
- What is restriction of selling the car after and any tax affect for seller in private sale?