Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lexus honours warranty in US and Canada

Submitted by: UCanimport Subscriber


Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 6:52 AM
Subject: RE: General Comments [2007-09-19-]

Thank you for your recent communication with our company.

For your information, it is our understanding that Lexus dealerships in
the U.S. are not authorized to sell Lexus motor vehicles to customers
located outside the U.S. or to sell Lexus vehicles for re-sale or use
outside the United States.

Lexus Canada also cautions customers against purchasing Lexus vehicles
that were not manufactured for the Canadian market. Certain vehicles
available for sale in the US may not meet Canadian safety standards and it
may be difficult to obtain replacement parts for vehicles not originally
sold in Canada. Also, as The Registrar of Imported Vehicles indicates on
its website, even if a vehicle can be imported into Canada, there is no
guarantee that it can be modified to meet Canadian requirements and the
costs to do so are the responsibility of the owner or importer of the

For further information on importing a vehicle to Canada, we suggest you
visit the website of The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (a division of
Transport Canada). The address is as follows: If you prefer,
you may call them at 1-888-848-8240.

The manufacturer's warranty (regardless of whether it is a US Lexus
vehicle or a Canadian Lexus vehicle) is honoured in continental USA and

Thank you once again for writing.


Alice McNamee
Customer Relations
Lexus Canada


Comments by: Zabin Somani

Good news for folks importing Lexus!
Sounds a lot like the Toyota notice doesn't it? How do we determine if this policy is in contravention of NAFTA? Responses welcome.


John said...

While it's true that Lexus does honour the warranty up here, the warranty is different. We purchased an '08 RX 350 in June. I did some cross border shoping, comparing prices but decided to buy from a Canadian dealer. When I had a nail in one of my tires, the first question a Lexus service advisor asked (by phone) was where it was purchased. The Canadian warranty includes road hazard coverage on the tires while the US warranty does not. I got a new tire for free. Now, that would not offset the purchase price differential on it's own, but this is the difference I am aware of at this time. What else is different?

Anonymous said...

I had the exact same issue with a tire on my 2008 RX350 and the tire was replaced with ease.
However, now that the prices in Canada have been reduced by 15% for a car made in Canada, I have a feeling of being talked out of a far better deal if I had pursued buying in the US. $10-12,000 will buy a lot of tires

Anonymous said...

The price differential on used Canadian vs used US Lexus autos is still huge: one has only to compare the prices at Can and US Lexus dealerships over the internet.

Anonymous said...

The discrepancy remains, but don't forget that if the Lexus you are looking at is Japanese made (eg., IS 250/350) you'll have to add in a 6.1% duty to US prices, to have a fair comparison. The RX on the other hand is made in Ontario, so the duty would not apply in that case. Then it's a matter of trim levels...