Saturday, September 22, 2007

Toyota Honours Warranty in US and Canada

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Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 12:22 PM
Subject: RE: warranty

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

For your information, it is our understanding that Toyota dealerships in
the U.S. are not authorized to sell Toyota motor vehicles to customers
located outside the U.S. or to sell Toyota vehicles for re-sale or use
outside the United States.

Toyota Canada also cautions customers against purchasing Toyota vehicles
that were not manufactured for the Canadian market. Certain vehicles
available for sale in the US may not meet Canadian safety standards and it
may be difficult to obtain replacement parts for vehicles not originally
sold in Canada. Also, as The Registrar of Imported Vehicles indicates on
its website, even if a vehicle can be imported into Canada, there is no
guarantee that it can be modified to meet Canadian requirements and the
costs to do so are the responsibility of the owner or importer of the

For further information on importing a vehicle to Canada, we suggest you
visit the website of The Registrar of Imported Vehicles (a division of
Transport Canada). The address is as follows: If you prefer,
you may call them at 1-888-848-8240.

The manufacturer's warranty (regardless of whether it is a US Toyota
vehicle or a Canadian Toyota vehicle) is honoured in continental USA and

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


Karine Shank
Toyota Canada Inc.

Comments by: Zabin Somani

This is great information and should ease warranty concerns for many Toyota importers. However, I'd welcome comments on "if" or "how" the no-sales-to-Canadians policy contravenes the NAFTA agreement?

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Anonymous said...

I would assume that Toyota US and Canada would say that the reasons they do not authorise sale out of country of intended sale is for safety and governmental requirements regionally (child safety restraints/daytime running lets/etc).
Just my $0.02
They wouldn't have said it publicly unless their lawyers had vetted it