Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Import a New Vehicle from the US into Canada

Important Tip To Protect The New Vehicle Purchaser

If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle in the US, particularly one that the dealerships are not allowed to sell you because of manufacturer restrictions - think Audi, Acura, Honda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo etc - you can use this tip to protect yourself while getting the car you want.

1. Select the new car and engage a US resident to complete the purchase for you using their US address;

2. Have the purchaser register the vehicle with the DMV and request a Title certificate, ensuring that they put your name as the lienholder;

3. As the lienholder, you will receive the Original Title for the vehicle. This means that you are the owner of the vehicle and the vehicle cannot be sold or transferred without your knowledge;

4. Ask the purchaser to provide you with a Bill of Sale showing the sale of the vehicle from them to you. At the same time, have them supply you with the Bill of Sale that they received from the dealership as this may be required for additional proof of purchase price by the CBSA;

5. Use the Original Title with your name, the Bill of Sale from the "purchaser", and the Vehicle Export Worksheet to submit your documents to the US CBP office where you plan to export your vehicle.

6. Use the Original Title, both Bills of Sale (dealership to purchaser, and purchaser to you) at the CBSA to have the duty, GST, A/C Levy calculated.

Why is this tip useful?

1. It allows you to rest easy at night knowing you hold the original Title to the new vehicle;

2. It allows you to circumvent the manufacturers' selling restrictions imposed on their dealerships;

3. It can be used in any State and keeps you protected when someone else is in charge of buying your car;

How can you increase the value of this tip?

1. Choose to purchase your new vehicle in a State that doesn't have a sales tax, like Oregon;

2. Use your personal exemption of up to $750 to lower the purchase price of the vehicle and therfore your GST and duty payable.

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