Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Import a BMW Motorcycle from the US

RIV Accepting DCS (dealer communication system) Printout for BMW Motorcycles

If you plan to import a BMW motorcycle from the US and can convince the dealership in the US to print off the DCS showing that no recalls are outstanding on the motorcycle, RIV will accept it in place of the $500 Letter of Compliance that is required for imported BMW motor vehicles.

A recent importer of a brand new BMW motorcycle has informed UCanImport that RIV initially refused the DCS printout, stating that a Letter of Compliance was required. Within a few days, however, they e-mailed the importer asking for the DCS and issued Form 2 within 3 hours.

This could be a one-time incident or may apply across the board to motorcycles only, so proceed with your importation knowing that you may be spared the $500 Letter of Compliance fee.

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