Monday, March 17, 2008

Importing a Car from California - State Tax Exemption Availibility

If you are importing a car from the U.S., there are a number of money-saving avenues you can take advantage of. In addition to the better exchange rates and lower pricing available in the U.S., there are tax saving advantages for importers as well.

If you are importing a car from California, understand that you will have to pay the State Tax on your purchase, unless the vehicle is delivered to you out of the state. If you plan to drive your car off the lot in California, you will have to pay the tax.

According to the California Board of Equalization, if you are importing a car, the "purchaser is not required to pay California use tax if the only use of the property purchased in California is to remove it from the state and it will be used solely thereafter outside this state. No other use can be made of the property."

The California Board of Equalization must receive a completed Statement Of Delivery Outside California form

If importing a car from California verify this information with the seller and save yourself the State Tax.

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