Thursday, January 27, 2011

Volkwagen Warranty Policy Update

Warranty Coverage Honoured in US Only

Posted by Anonymous:


Thank you for contacting the Volkswagen of America Information Center.
We are pleased to see your interest in purchasing the environmentally
friendly Touareg Hybrid!

If you purchase a US-specific Volkswagen vehicle and register it in
Canada, warranty coverage will not be available if you have the vehicle
serviced or maintained at a VW dealership in Canada. All warranty
concerns, as well as maintenance coverage under the Carefree Maintenance
Program, must be addressed and performed at an authorized Volkswagen
dealership in the US.

We have no resources to verify if diagnoses or services can be performed
on the Touareg Hybrid model at Volkswagen dealers in Canada. We
encourage you to contact the Volkswagen Canada website at for additional assistance on this matter.

Thank you again for visiting We hope to find you behind the
steering wheel of a Touareg Hybrid in the near future!


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