Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bumper Standards Harmonized!

Good news for vehicle importers.

Today, the Government of Canada announced the amendment to the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (MVSR) whereby Canadian bumper standards for passenger vehicles would be harmonized with similar safety standards from the US and Europe.

Canadian importers have been impatiently awaiting this new regulation since the proposed amendment was announced in March 2008.

"This amendment will therefore allow vehicles manufactured for the United States that were deemed inadmissible due to differing bumper requirements to become admissible since bumper modifications will no longer be required."

Read the full amendment:


Gilbert said...

Do the new rules apply to used automobiles imported from the United States and older than 2008 ?


Thank you for your question Gilbert.

At this time only the vehicles which appeared in the admissible sections of the RIV and Transport Canada listings, and which were highlighted with the two asterisks (**)as requiring modifications to bumpers, qualify under this new regulation.

This means that if the vehicle was previously admissible, but required a change to the existing bumper, that vehicle is still admissible, but does not require the bumper modification.

We expect that other changes will follow at a later date and will post them as they become known to us.

In the meantime, you can count on savings of a couple of thousand dollars on vehicles that previously couldn't be registered in Canada without complying with the bumper requirements.

This has been a long-awaited and positive change for the Canadian importer!